August 30, 2019

Video Star: We did it with God’s help!

When I first learnt about PAK7’s vision to train young Pakistani Christians… I fell in love with the idea and what an incredible journey it has been! I have no words to express how special my time at Video Star was. Watching the students grow in skill, confidence and spirituality, I can certainly say that all the time and effort the team put in was WELL WORTH IT! What a great way to help the Christian community in Pakistan by training young people and empowering them to achieve their dream careers in media production.

It wasn’t all easy

There were many challenging situations as Video Star was PAK7’s first major production (and quite a complex one too). However we learnt valuable lessons which helped us grow stronger as individuals and as a team. Most importantly, we had God on our side from beginning right till the end. Right from when we found these young people, I knew that there was a BIGGER purpose behind this project, that God had a plan for every single student we’re taking on. On the finale night, as I looked at all the students full of joy on achieving something that meant so much to them- God reminded me that Video Star was not just a TV production. Through this project He has shaped futures for these young people!

The Grand Finale

The finale was a fun filled evening during which the student’s final films were screened followed by dinner. The red carpet rolled out for our staff and students, everyone enjoyed their 30 seconds of fame as they photographers snapped away! We all let our hair down, grabbed our dancing shoes and celebrated everyone’s hard work and contribution in making Video Star a success!

Thank You!

I would like to thank you ALL on behalf of the team and students for constantly praying for the Video Star project. If we didn’t have your love, support and trust we wouldn’t have been able to carry out this great initiative of raising up young Christians in Pakistan in the media industry. I can’t wait for you to see the full show, I’m sure you’ll enjoy every single minute of it. I am extremely excited to see all that God is doing now and in the future through PAK7!