Videos Raising Questions of Faith & Life

The Internet is a window into another world. Young people are looking online for answers, friendship and support. PAK7 produces short videos for Facebook, YouTube and other platforms that appeal to young adults. They address big issues – like loneliness, relationships, anger, forgiveness, and questions of faith and life. We share the difference Jesus makes in these situations.

Viewers who like our content can visit our website to learn more. Those who want to talk about their personal situations can contact us via online chat.

We pray for people who are in desperate need, people searching for work, searching for love, searching for hope. In many cases they have written back with testimonies: answers to prayer, healing, and release from anger and depression. Many of them have a new interest in learning about Jesus.

In 2022, our videos were watched in full over 26 million times.
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In 2022, we spoke with over 20 thousand people and prayed with over 2,000 people who contacted our online teams. Several joined online Bible studies.

Explore our other initiatives

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Christian TV

Like Stories Jesus Told, where children hear about the life of Jesus. Especially programs for children and young people that are creative and faith building.


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National TV

Like Video Star, a reality TV show that all people will watch and enjoy. Programs that build bridges between faith communities and show Christians and their faith in a positive light.


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Capacity Building

We run media training and internships, as well as providing a range of services to help Christians better engage in the media.