February 24, 2023

Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Making great programs for young people is a priority at PAK7. Over 50% of Pakistan’s population is under 25, and they’re looking for engaging, fast-paced content that is both inspiring and challenging.

Like Video star

Powerful stories of God at work change the lives of those who hear them!  We believe that the very best people to tell God’s storyto young Pakistani adults are young Pakistani Christians, so at PAK7 we are committed to identifying and investing in young talent. Video Star is a groundbreaking new reality TV show which has done just that!

We invited young people from all over Pakistan to enter a video competition.After a process of interviews and practical tasks a  final 12 students were awarded the opportunity to take part in a 10 week residential Media School where they learned skills from media professionals.

The whole process has become an exciting reality TV show! It’s a highly watchable program, where we experience the highs and lows of each contestant’s journey and ultimately share in the pleasure of their success.

Like Zavia (Angle)

In this show a group of young adults gather together to discuss thought provoking scenarios from short videos. How should the characters respond to the situation? What might happen if they react in certain ways? What does the Bible have to say about it?  The video scenarios don’t always resolve neatly or in the way you might expect. So the young friends have plenty to talk about, a lot of opportunity to bring a Christian perspective to everyday moral issues

Like Kamyab Naujawen (Successful Young Person)

This discussion show features successful men and women who run established businesses. They tell their stories and give advice to young entrepreneurs who are starting out. The real strengths of this show are its appeal to young people who are concerned about making their way in the world. It shows successful Christians integrating their faith into business and  working peaceably alongside people of other faiths.