October 12, 2022

Video Star

Video Star

Welcome to Video Star!  This groundbreaking TV show for young adults is so much more than just a great TV show – it’s already changing lives!

Powerful stories of God at work change the lives of those who hear them!  We believe that the very best people to tell God’s story in Pakistan are young Pakistani Christians, so at PAK7 we are committed to identifying and investing in young talent.  

Video Star is an exciting new reality TV show which has done just that!

We invited young people from all over Pakistan to produce short videos and enter them into our competition.  Most of the entries were filmed on smart phones, so the contest was open to a wide range of young Christians.

Entrants appeared on the opening episode of Video Star, where a panel of judges watched their clips and gave them feedback. The most thoughtful, creative and able candidates were invited to the next round.

In the next phase of the competition, candidates completed a range of tasks to demonstrate their abilities, like filming a commercial, filming an interview, or writing a storyboard. It also gave us (and the audience) a chance to get to know them better and at the end of the week, 12 of them were selected to take part in an all expenses paid 3-month video school!

For 3 months those 12 contestants lived together, learned together, and grew their video-making skills, receiving training from a number of experts from around the world. 

They also took part in discussions that explored and stretched their faith and the different ways in which it can be expressed through media!

And the whole thing has become an exciting reality TV show! It’s a highly watchable program, where we experience the highs and lows of each contestant’s journey and ultimately share in the pleasure of their success.

And it has kickstarted the careers of these young media professionals.  Contestants Muquarab and Sana are now leading production teams with PAK7, Amoos and Romail mentored students on our 2022 Media School, and Carol and Elijah are presenters on PAK7 Kids!