October 12, 2022

The Christmas Show

The Christmas show is a fast-paced and fun show for 8-12 year olds that engages thoughtfully and imaginatively with the familiar stories from the birth of Christ.

8-12 year olds are an often overlooked age group. They don’t want shows that look very ‘kidsy’, but they do want to engage with their faith in an age-appropriate way. The Christmas show is made especially for them.

Each of the 7 episodes has 3 parts – 

In the first section our young hosts Menahem and Esther retell a part of the story, from Elizabeth and Zechariah to the visit of the Magi. They intersperse the story with their own thoughts: “I wonder what Mary felt like when she heard the angel’s news”, or “I can’t even imagine how bright that light was, the shepherds must have been so scared!”. Animated scenes keep the viewers engaged

Then there’s original music from IFRA (the band) in the style our young viewers asked for. Each song picks up the theme of the story our hosts have told, so that although we’re keeping things moving fast, the story flows through the episode. (In a culture where Christians are often overlooked, it’s wonderful for young Christians to have positive role models like IFRA on the TV in their homes – looking cool and praising God!)

It can be difficult to find Christmas decorations in Pakistan, and many Christians make their own! So we’ve included a craft segment where kids can learn to make simple decorations for their homes or churches.  Rohama talks about the story as she shows children how to make something beautiful that they can hang in their homes to remind them of the message they’ve heard.