October 12, 2022

Story Time

Kids love joining Naina on the sofa with her mischievous little puppet friend Mintu for Story Time with Naina!  

This program for our younger viewers features stories from the Bible, told by Naina and beautifully illustrated with colorful images.  After each story, Mintu, a voice for children on the show, asks lots of questions!  Through their conversation Naina and Mintu explore the story, what it means, and how it applies to children today.  

A hugely popular part of every show is Sing with Super4. The four talented musicians of Super4 perform brilliant, bouncy songs against a colorful animated background. Each original song retells the story that Naina and Mintu have been enjoying!  They are fun and easy to memorize for our young viewers.  The Super4 songs are available on our website for children to watch

These shows are not just brimming with energy and fun. They invest in the lives and faith of our young viewers. They teach children that it’s fun to follow Jesus and that what we believe should affect the way we live.

“I love being on the Story Time team! It’s a privilege to be a part of it – every episode is building strong foundations of faith and values in young children’s lives!” Naina, Presenter and Programming Manager, PAK7

Click here to see what happened when we launched this show and introduced it to our young audience for the first time!  “I’m very happy you made such a show for me!”  Yusuf, young viewer.