January 23, 2023

Media School

At PAK7 we believe that the very best people to reach out to Pakistan with the love of God are young Pakistani women and men who are passionate about their faith and full of love for their fellow countrymen. Investing in both the faith and the media communication skills of these young adults is one of our highest priorities.

We train young Pakistani men and women to make quality videos for Social Media and TV. We put them through a 10 week Media School with a strong discipleship component, and then we take them on a 12 month internship. 

Here is a quote from Amoos about the impact the program has had on his life: 

“At the Media School I came to know my spiritual gifts, that I have leadership qualities, that I am forgiven. I never knew that God wanted me to work for him… I think this is the coolest way to preach God’s message. All I want to say is, I am one whose life has changed, because of the PAK7 Media School.”

Every year, a new cohort of students is selected from the many applications.  We look at the videos they’ve made on smart phones, read their church references and then invite about 50 young adults to a selection weekend where we can see how well they work in a team, speak to them about their relationship with Jesus and choose around 20 of them to take part in the 10 week intensive summer school in the mountains of Murree.

These students then follow a program of teaching that includes daily devotions and training in all areas of media production.  Classroom time is balanced with hands-on experience with professional cameras, lighting, audio and editing equipment.  Students try out a variety of roles in the production team as they complete projects including music videos, documentaries, live shows, children’s TV and dramas.  Through each project they are learning to tell stories that show God’s love to the world and deepen viewer’s relationships with Christ.