October 12, 2022

Heritage Project

A big hurdle for Christianity in Pakistan is that it’s often seen as a western religion. The Heritage project is part of our strategy to challenge that misconception.

The Heritage project is a series of dramatized stories created by our friends at International Media Ministries (IMM). They show how the early church served God, and grew, under pressure in North Africa. The eight episodes each follow a character or group from the early church and show how they laid foundations for following Jesus today. 

It tells the stories of extraordinary Christians like Cyprian, who led the church in Alexandria through times of persecution and plague, and who set an amazing example of self-sacrifice and service, and Perpetua, who was martyred for her faith by the Romans.

The series is presented and narrated by respected theologian, Rev Dr Qaiser Julius, the director of Open Theological Seminary in Pakistan.

Telling these stories of Christians living out their faith under pressure in Roman occupied North Africa are not only encouraging and inspiring to the minority church in Pakistan but also eye-opening for many viewers. They remind us all that Christianity has its origin not in the USA or Europe, but in the Middle East and North Africa! You can be a follower of Jesus wherever you are from!