January 23, 2023

Equipment Loans & Business Set-up

Equipment Loan and Business Set up

Equipment Loans

PAK7 provides extensive media training for young people. But once they graduate from our courses or internship how will they use their new found skills?

For this reason, PAK7 provides access to a range of camera, audio and editing equipment that graduates can rent for production activities. If they are delivering a project for a client they can put the charges onto them, but if they are working on their own project we offer it at a discounted rate.

When the young person has paid rental costs equal to the cost of the equipment, we give the equipment to them! This is to help them to establish their own businesses.

Business Setup Support

At the end of PAK7’s internship program, we aim to help young people find employment in the media or to start their own production houses. PAK7 wants to have many local partners who can make high quality programs that share God’s love in Pakistan – so helping them set up businesses makes a lot of sense. Furthermore, they can diversify their client base to become less dependent on PAK7, and to learn by delivering projects for other clients.

Here are the kinds of activities we undertake to help them:

  • Website creation
  • Branded email
  • Show reel creation
  • CV creation
  • Pricing advice
  • Sample contracts
  • Marketing advice
  • Ongoing coaching
  • Networking meetings