October 12, 2022

Community Makeover

Community Makeover

Christians in Pakistan, along with their faith, are often regarded as inferior.  We want to change that!  

That’s why we are so proud of Community Makeover – great programs for national TV that show believers working alongside people of other faiths and making a positive difference in their communities. 

In the first episode of this show we visited Christian Hospital Sahiwal, CHS. This charitable hospital in an underserved region has been doing great work in its community for many decades. Led by Christians, the hospital serves people of all faiths.

Sadly the children’s wards at the hospital had fallen into disrepair and been forced to close.  So the hospital was functioning with no separate facilities for children..

Thanks to generous donors, PAK7 was able to organize and sponsor the total refurbishment of the ward. Community Makeover hosts, Nirmal and Madeh, follow the process from exploring the dilapidated building to the grand reopening of beautiful, well-equipped wards and the welcoming of its first young patients.

The show features interviews with the dedicated Christian staff at the hospital, some of their young patients and their parents. 

Between March and July 2022 we were delighted to be able to film a second episode of Community Makeover at IBTIDA – a Christian drug rehab center in Karachi. Our teams repaired and restored the outside rest areas, renovated the main hall and gave the building a new sense of hope and life! And of course, we filmed the whole process, warts and all!

The two finished shows are entertaining, interesting and uplifting to watch, with a little bit of drama and tension as the team discover hidden problems and race against the clock to finish! Each one is a great piece of feel-good TV which showcases the wonderful work of the Christians in Pakistan.