February 24, 2023

Children’s Programs

Children’s TV is so important to us. Pakistan’s 80 million children have had virtually no access to high-quality, age-appropriate Christian programs – A huge gap in the market! 

And we know that Christian programming for children has a life-long impact. Stories, songs, quizzes and cartoons are all fun and highly effective ways to communicate Christian truth to kids; an amazing opportunity to invest in the spiritual formation of the children of Pakistan.

At PAK7, we are making a wide range of programs for children of all ages, including –

Story Time with Naina and Mintu! 

In this show, friendly ‘big sister’ Naina and her little puppet friend Mintu read and talk about stories from the Bible. Naina tells the story,  our wonderful band Super4 sing a song about it and  then Mintu (a voice for kids on the show) asks lots and lots of questions! It’s a great show and 2-7 years olds love it!

Tiny Fingers

This clever show, originally made by one of our partners and dubbed by PAK7 into Urdu, is a huge hit with our young audience. It tells Bible stories using finger puppets and also includes songs that retell the stories.

Little Detectives

Children need role models to look up to. And Little Detectives, 12 year old Christina and 13 year old Christopher are just that. They get out into God’s wonderful creation, enjoy its beauty , and then find out all about how to take good care of it.

Kahani Kamp

Telling stories and singing songs around a campfire, puppets Pinky and Hari join host Roger and earn a badge for each Bible story they remember and retell. Our young viewers can join in with a quiz about the stories and if they write in with their own retelling – we’ll send them a badge!