February 24, 2023

Tiny Fingers Make Big Impact With Pakistani Kids

Boy watching TV

PAK7 invests in the next generation of Pakistani Christians

Pakistan: PAK7, a Christian Media Ministry by and for the people of Pakistan, has released ten episodes of Nanhi Ungliyan (Tiny Fingers), a beautiful, engaging children’s program that uses finger puppets to tell stories from the Old Testament. This premiered at a rooftop cinema in Karachi with twenty mesmerized children, who had never seen this type of program before.

Do you remember Veggie Tales? Of course you do!  I’ll bet you remember Larry singing ‘Where’s my hairbrush?!’ It makes so much difference to watch Bible stories and sing Bible songs in your own language! Christian programming for children has a life-long impact. It’s a fun and highly effective way to communicate Christian truth to kids. 

Pakistan’s 80 million children have had virtually no access to high-quality, age-appropriate programs – A huge gap in the market! At PAK7 we are excited to invest in the spiritual formation of those 80 million children by making original local programming as well as localizing the best content from around the world..  

Nanhi Unglyan has been licensed from Asociación Viña in South America, where it was first released as “Deditos”. PAK7 has lovingly dubbed this into Urdu and locally reproduced the songs used throughout the episodes. Kids love the quirky storytelling and catchy songs!  


“When I saw the first episode, I was blown away by the idea, the concept…. That’s something I never saw before, not when I was a kid or a teenager… It’s something that has never been aired before on any television channel in Pakistan. It’s really new” Aneer, TV producer
“I could have never imagined that cartoons made out of fingers existed!” Child from Karachi.


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Boy watching TV, 
Girl watching TV, 
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Video: Nanhi Ungliyan Premiere

About PAK7

PAK7 is a Christian media ministry for the people of Pakistan. PAK7’s local production teams of Pakistani Christians make high quality programs for national TV, Christian channels and Social Media, that are designed to share God’s love in creative and engaging ways. PAK7 also trains local Christians in media production and helps them to establish their own media companies.