Pray for Pakistan with our 30 Day Prayer Guide:
  • Learn about this beautiful, hospitable, and complex land.
  • Prayer Pointers help you engage and focus your prayers.
  • 30 Daily Devotions to bring this precious nation and people before God.

Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it

John 14:13-14

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Please Pray for PAK7

Pray for our Viewers in Pakistan!
Pray for the many children, teenagers, young adults and women who are watching our programs on our channel, on youtube, or on our website. Pray that they would learn, grow and be inspired through what they watch.

Pray for our Staff!
Our staff and interns in Pakistan are working hard to create fresh, engaging new programs that reveal God’s love. Pray for their creativity and also their health and security. Above all pray for their individual relationships with God so that their faith and love for Jesus would overflow into the programs they make.

Pray for our Social Media Work
Pray for those who watch our social media videos on Facebook, and who write to our responders with questions of faith and requests for prayer, that they will become followers of Jesus. Pray for our team of responders that they would have wisdom as they answer questions and hold out love and truth.

Pray for our Training Programs
One of our goals is to build capacity in the Christian media industry in Pakistan. Please pray for our short basic and advanced media training courses as well as the 10 week summer media school. Pray for the staff involved to be able to pass on their skills well. Pray for the students that take part, that they would learn well and be equipped to use media in their own contexts.

Pray for Resources
Please pray that God would continue to provide for this work, so that PAK7 can continue to invest in people in Pakistan, and go on making amazing programs that change lives.

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