Contemporary Media Use in Pakistan BBG Research Series

February 11, 2017 at 6:26 pm

Even though this research is slightly dated (late 2014), it gives a good overview of the media landscape in Pakistan and the data points can easily be extrapolated.

According to BBG (Broadcasting Board of Governors), television is the primary type of media used in Pakistan:

“Pakistan Remains TV Market, With Room For Growth For Mobile. TV dominates the media market in Pakistan, with more than three-fourths of adults (76.2%) watching weekly, according to media research data released today by the Broadcasting Board of Governors. However, mobile phones are becoming more common, signaling a possible shift in the way Pakistanis engage with media.”

  • TV is the main information platform by far, but the importance of individual channels varies by region and modes of access
  • Population is divided between those with access to non-State TV and those without
  • While most express generic satisfaction with media, actual opinions about specific channels vary
  • At the national level, the impact of digital media remains modest, and electronic data sharing is still a niche phenomenon
  • There is a huge gender disparity regarding access to Internet and mobile

Smart TV penetration is not yet great on the entire subcontinent,  about 3%.

Some specific findings according to this media survey completed in partnership with Gallup:

TV Usage
  • cable: 45% and increasing
  • antenna: 20% and decreasing
  • satellite: 12 % and increasing
Internet Access by Language
  • English: 94%
  • Urdu: 69%
  • Pashtu: 5%
Topics of Interest
  • Religion: 78%
  • News: 67%
  • Health: 65%
  • Education: 61%
News Sources Among Educated Urbanites
  • TV 49%
  • Radio: 6%
  • Internet: 4%
Top News Sources
  • Geo: 44%
  • Express: 41%
  • PTV1: 47%
  • Samaa: 2%
Internet Usage
  • Overall: 6%, rapidly increasing
  • Educated Urbanites: 37%, rapidly increasing
Internet News Sources
  • Facebook: 74%
  • Google: 51%
  • Yahoo: 17%
  • Jang: 17%
Internet Access by Device Type
  • Phone: 45%
  • Desktop: 37%
  • Laptop: 14%

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