Entrepreneurship Can Be Learned

September 17, 2013 at 2:40 pm ,

MIT prof Bill Aulet outlines the principles and steps for successful entrepreneurship for Idea Driven Enterprises (IDEs). From his book, Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup

Of course not all principles and steps can be directly applied to ministry related start ups, but much of the material can be adapted. For example, Aulet says:

Regardless of your business, you must ask  yourself, “What is the single necessary and sufficient condition for a business?” it is not a product, a technology, a customer need, a business plan, a vision, a strong team, a CEO, money, investors competitive advantage or company values. While all those are great things for a business to have, none of them is the right answer.

The single necessary and sufficient condition for a business is a paying customer

The applicable principle for a fruitful  Ministry Idea Driven Enterprise (MIDE) would be that a necessary condition is someone who is motivated to receive the ministry you are offering. Of course, things are different in ministry start-ups. They are not driven merely by meeting a felt need, or to make money. They are ultimately governed by God’s command and dependent upon his grace. Nevertheless, it is crucial to be sensitive to the real and felt needs of those you are trying to reach.

Aulet’s principles and steps can be applied to a start-up ministry by evaluating each one critically and asking the questions “Is there anything in this step or principle that can apply to our project? and if so “How can I apply this principle without compromising ministry principles?”

The need to incorporate sound commonsense principles to ministry enterprises was underscored recently after I learned about a missionary who built a school complex, but had no plan, faculty, staff or students. His zeal was commendable, but he could have benefited from working with a team of other believers with complementary gifts, and by applying some of the practical principles presented here.

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