November 02, 2020

PAK7: Investing in the Next Generation with Children’s Programming

One of the big focus areas for PAK7 is Children’s programming. There really is a shortage of content for Children that helps them to learn about our Christian faith. For this reason PAK7 is committed to making new programming for Kids and to dubbing further high-quality animations from ministries around the world. Mostly these programs will be released on PAK7’s YouTube Channel for Kids which we will be promoting more heavily in 2021.

Stories Jesus Told

This program contains many of the accounts from the Gospels. Each is read from the Bible and is accompanied by simple pictures. What brings the stories to life for those watching, is the young Pakistani host, Saroj, who helps to explain the stories and contextualize them for Pakistani children. The series consists of 13 episodes of about 15-20 mins each, however, in 2020 each individual Bible story has also been made available as a stand-alone clip for Social Media.


Ten stories from the Old Testament are brought to life with the help of some fabulous finger puppets. These are cleverly filmed and highly attractive programs that children will love to watch. Originally produced in Spanish, the programs have been dubbed into Urdu and will be made available in Pakistan at the end of 2020.

Children’s Worship Songs

PAK7 has also recorded 6 worship songs for children to sing and enjoy. The songs are lively and have actions that are performed by young adults and children. These can also be used in children’s Sunday School activities.

37 Stories

The producer of these excellent productions plans to animate 37 parables of Jesus in time. The first of these is The Prodigal Son, and this has been translated into Urdu by PAK7. We also intend to dub this into other regional languages of Pakistan.

In Pre-Production for 2021

Bedtime Stories

Each of these 14 episodes features a story, a song, a friendly presenter and a puppet. Half of the stories will be Bible stories and half will be moral stories with Christian values – so that this can be considered for broadcast on National TV in Pakistan. This program is based on the highly successful SAT-7 KIDS show.

Bible Crafts Show

A fun craft show that brings Bible Stories to life. For kids between the ages of 6-10 year olds. To encourage kids to learn Bible stories in a fun way through a combination of host interaction, arts and crafts.

More Dubbed Animations

PAK7 will dub more children’s programming throughout 2021. One project is a 3D animated series called the legacy of Adam in collaboration with one of our partners. There are a number of other projects that we are pursuing.