In 2009, fifty Pakistani church leaders and media ministry workers gathered in Lahore for a media ministry consultation. These leaders made a recommendation that the church and the various agencies and workers needed to have some way to work together collegially.

About the same time World Witness, which has served the people of Pakistan for over a century through its hospital and schools, began to prayerfully search for a way to continue its work in Pakistan at a time when most of its American workers had returned from the field. In 2013, World Witness authorized board member Gordon Bell to conduct feasibility studies to determine the viability of a “John 17” type of media ministry, following the successful model of SAT-7. In the John 17 approach, various branches of Christ’s Church put aside secondary differences in order to carry out her commission in the manner Jesus envisioned in his Final Discourse (John, chapters 14-17).

Accordingly, in 2014 he held a follow-up Media Ministry Consultation in Lahore with Pakistani Christian leaders in 2014 at which he posed the question of whether adapting this “John 17” model for Pakistan might meet this need to have a way by which the various media ministries and workers could work together. The response was enthusiastically and unanimously affirmative.

At second Consultation in Lahore in 2016, the Pakistani leaders began the process of developing the coalition by agreeing on a Statement of Values and the terms of Partnership.

A Working Group composed of Pakistani and global church leaders began to meet monthly between 2017-2018 via a secure video link to do the necessary collaborative groundwork to establish the coalition.

In early 2018, PAK7 US was incorporated and in August, 2018, Andrew Hart was called to become the founding CEO of PAK7. In October, 2018 Charter Meetings were held in Lahore and London to establish PAK7 International and the first PAK7 International Council was announced. The Council held its initial meeting, and many delegates signed the London and Lahore Declaration, committing themselves to making the Christian message known in Pakistan as the Body of Christ.

In 2019, the PAK7 production team began to produce VideoStar, its first major production in Pakistan and In June of that year Dr. Mark Hausfeld was appointed President of PAK7 US.