Our Story

In 1995, Dr. Terence Ascott founded SAT-7, the oldest, continuously operating satellite television ministry for the Middle East and North Africa. This ministry was significant because it makes the love of God known in the manner envisioned by Jesus himself.

In this approach members of the Body of Christ from Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and Renewal branches of the Church partner together to support the Christian witness of the national churches in the Middle East and North Africa. This way closely corresponds with the Lord Jesus Christ's vision for the Church's witness as revealed in his High Priestly Prayer (John 17:20-23).

In 2009, Ravi Zacharia Ministries held a media ministry consultation in Lahore which was attended by some 50 Pakistani church leaders who were involved in media ministry. A major joint recommendation was that everyone find some way to work together.

In 2014, World Witness authorized board member Gordon Bell to facilitate a follow-up consultation in Lahore to ask whether the proven SAT-7 coalition-based media ministry to the Middle East might be a model for working together as the Body of Christ. In this "John 17" model, the various branches of the church join together to provide an opportunity for Christians to be witnesses for Christ and the gospel through locally produced media. The response of the Pakistani church leadership was unanimously and enthusiastically positive.

In 2016, the late Mr. Michael Abel, a respected Pakistani Christian leader, co-led a follow-up consultation was held to begin the process of forming the coalition. At that time the Pakistani leaders agreed upon a shared ethos and set of Christian values, and set the requirements for partnership.

An international Working Group consisting of church leaders in Pakistan and the global church began to meet monthly in 2017, and in December 2017 appointed Andrew Hart to become the founding CEO of PAK7 International. Andrew is uniquely qualified to lead the effort as he is called by God and has served as COO at SAT-7 International for eight years. Andrew took up his post in August, 2018.

PAK7 US was incorporated in Maryland in May, 2018. The Working Group began the process of nominating the International Council in the summer of 2018, in anticipation of the Charter Meetings in Pakistan and the U.K. in late 2018.

The Sig­nif­i­cance of SAT-7