Possibilities for Partnership

There are so many different ways you can partner with us – here are some ideas!

We invite partners to come alongside our work, and we have many different ways for them to do so. To explore these ideas, read through the list below. Then, send us an email. Tell us about yourself and which partnership option seems like a good fit for you.

To explore one or more of these ideas, or to tell us yours, please contact us.

Sponsor a PAK7 leadership role in Pakistan.

  • We can connect you with one of our exceptional leaders through email or zoom enabling you to build a relationship with them.
  • We can arrange for the PAK7 leader to visit your foundation when they are in the US.
  • PAK7 can provide regular video updates and prayer requests from your leader.

Sponsor a TV program that advances your foundation’s mission priorities. Choose from: Exciting programs that grow faith in children and young people.; Engaging programs that promote women and give them a voice; Biblical literacy programs for all ages; programs that strengthen the church and programs that reach out to people of other faiths with love of Christ.

  • PAK7 will provide video clips from these programs and behind-the-scenes footage and photos of the work taking place
  • PAK7 can work with you to visit Pakistan while we are filming the show

We’re committed to both excellent media training and education, and deep spiritual formation. The result is Christian media professionals with the heart and skills to reach their country.

  • Sponsor a young adult to take part in our media school and 10 month internship.
  • Underwrite the cost of Media School

As we grow as an organisation there is a need for more equipment and more space!

  • Invest in technology – laptops for individuals or powerful computers for editing and real-time virtual studios
  • Invest in equipment – specialised cameras, lighting rigs, and audio tech
  • Invest in facilities – we need help to build a dedicated virtual studio in Lahore over the next two years. This flexible space will cut down on both production time and cost. It will also increase our ability to make amazing programs!
  • Invest in small businesses – Help set up a graduate of our internship as an independent production house that serves PAK7 as well as local churches, and missions organisations

Visit Pakistan, learn about this country and see the work of PAK7 in action. Get a vision for the great potential for the Gospel.

  • PAK7 will help arrange for visas, itinerary, and accommodations
  • We will provide a videographer for your trip to send video clips home
  • Visit PAK7 studios & see productions. Meet PAK7 staff
  • Visit other important sites to pray for the nation
  • Possibly take part in a PAK7 production or help deliver training

Your endorsement is invaluable in opening doors for PAK7 into other foundations with similar aims and concerns.

  • Provide an endorsement letter
  • Advocate for PAK7 with other foundations through relationships
I believe this can be a strategic ministry in an unstable land that is likely to be of great influence in the generation ahead.”
Patrick Johnstone
Author of Operation World & The Future of the Global Church


Many Pakistani and global church leaders have participated in PAK7 since 2014. Below is a partial listing.