September 12, 2022

Introducing Kamyab Naujaven

Every show is a long process of research, organization, scripting, filming and editing, and we have productions at every stage of that process!

The team in Lahore are busy editing a programme aimed at a national TV audience called Kamyab NaujavanSuccessful Young Person. Our host Kashif Joseph invites young entrepreneurs to  talk about their businesses and then to meet and receive advice from seasoned business leaders. It’s filmed against a green screen in our new mini-studio in Lahore and as you can see – it”s looking great!

Showing Christians being successful in business is an encouragement to the church community.  Allowing them space to show their determination, integrity and honesty is a witness to people of all faiths. But this groundbreaking program does more – in inviting people of all faiths to participate it demonstrates and promotes supportive, respectful and friendly relationships between all people in Pakistan.

We’re excited to reach out to young people of all faiths and show them that they too can be Kamyab Naujaven – Successful Young People!