Feasibility Study

There are a number of question to be considered when we ask whether PAK7 is feasible: spiritual, organizational, technical, resource, planning and demand questions.

Spiritual: Does the Lord want PAK7 at this time?

Pioneer missionary Christy Wilson compared discerning God’s will to landing a jetliner. Pilots only bring the plane in when all the lights are aligned directly ahead of them. Nicky Gumbel suggests five CSs:

  • Commanding Scripture
  • Compelling Spirit
  • Common Sense
  • Counsel of the Saints
  • Circumstantial signs

The idea of PAK7 clearly conforms to scripture; its very purpose is the advancement of God’s kingdom using media ministry. A number of leaders such as Tat Stewart and Curt Young have sensed the Spirit’s nudging. Common sense suggests that a media ministry that has been very effective in other “hard places” throughout the Middle East could also be effective in Pakistan. These same saints and others have suggested this might well be a “game changer.”

What is still lacking are the circumstantial signs. So this is our prayer: “Lord, if you would like your people to start PAK7, would you kindly confirm the vision by bringing together the people, organizations and resources needed to make it happen?”

Organizational: Are there willing and able agencies who wish to partner to make it happen?

The World Witness Board has approved the on-going feasibility study of PAK7. What other boards, churches and agencies want to make this happen?

Technical: Are there  secure, robust, scaleable, flexible Content Delivery Network options suitable for the “TV Everywhere” channels of the very near future?

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform clearly offers what is needed for a global Content Delivery Network. Providentially, this largest of all cloud platforms is practically giving away its service as the large players are all competing for market share in what will be the internet of the near future. It allows organizations and companies to purchase the IT services they need without having to invest in hardware and software that will soon be obsolete. Pakistan clearly has an extensive cable TV delivery network which reaches the majority of the population, including the Christian community.

Personnel: Are there willing and able leaders and team members both in and Pakistan and outside of Pakistan?
Resources: Do we have a reasonable expectation of obtaining the necessary resources to start and sustain PAK7?

Our belief is, as J. Hudson Taylor famously said, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.”

Vision and Plan: Is there biblical, practical plan?

Presently we have developed a biblical vision and mission statements based on the proven SAT-7 statements.

Audience Demand: Is there a demand for the kind of programming we wish to offer among the target audience?

We must be sure that our primary target audience, younger Christians in Pakistan want the kind of quality, family-friendly programming that PAK7 intends to deliver. Qualitative research such as in-depth interviews and surveys will help us determine the specifics of audience demand.