Possibilities for Partnership

There are so many different ways you can partner with us – here are some ideas!

We invite partners to come alongside our work, and we have many different ways for them to do so. To explore these ideas, read through the list below. Then, send us an email. Tell us about yourself and which partnership option seems like a good fit for you.

To explore one or more of these ideas, or to tell us yours, please contact us.

Take on a PAK7 staff member in Pakistan as your overseas worker, support them financially, pray for them, and get to know them!

  • Connect with them personally through email or zoom and learn about their lives
  • Have them visit your home church and meet with your pastors, youth, missions team, women’s group, or young adults
  • PAK7 can provide regular video updates and prayer requests from your overseas worker to show in your church or to your missions team
  • PAK7 can provide prayer cards for your overseas worker that you can distribute

Sponsor a TV program that corresponds with an interest group in your church (Maybe get your women’s group to support a women’s program, or youth ministry to support a youth program).

  • PAK7 will provide video clips from these programs and Behind-the-scenes footage and photos of the work taking place
  • PAK7 can work with you to visit Pakistan while we are filming the show
  • Or sponsor a young adult to take part in our media school and internship

Whether virtually or in person, invite a PAK7 leader to present to your church about Pakistan, the use of media in sharing God’s love in all nations, and PAK7.

  • We are happy to participate in missions conferences or other opportunities to inform and encourage the church
  • We can provide you 3 informative, 90 second videos each year to foster awareness and prayer for Pakistan

Bring a group from your church on a vision and prayer trip to Pakistan.

  • PAK7 will help arrange for visas, itinerary, and accommodations
  • We will provide a videographer for your trip to send video clips home
  • Visit PAK7 studios & see productions. Meet PAK7 staff
  • Visit other important sites to pray for the nation
  • Possibly take part in a PAK7 production or help deliver training.

PAK7 is primarily designed to support the indigenous church in Pakistan. However we need support staff outside of Pakistan to facilitate their work.

  • We need skills in: Human Resource Management, Project Evaluation and Measurement, Information Technology, Business Management, Business coaching and Mentoring
  • By deploying a member to be part of the PAK7 staff, you will contribute greatly to accomplishing the work and advancing the mission.
  • Work could be part time or full time (It is not necessary to live overseas)

Your endorsement is invaluable in opening doors for PAK7 into other churches.

  • Provide an endorsement from your Pastor
  • Encourage other churches in your denomination or city to learn about PAK7

PAK7 volunteer Ambassadors tell friends about PAK7, help keep their churches informed about PAK7, and encourage prayer for PAK7.

  • We work with our Ambassadors when we schedule a visit to their area or need help to represent PAK7 at events


Many Pakistani and global church leaders have participated in PAK7 since 2014. Below is a partial listing.