Programs that Grow our Faith

There is a real need to help the Pakistani Christian community with higher quality programming – to bring quality teaching, to strengthen ties between denominations, and to invest in programs for children and young people, who are the future of the church.

PAK7 produces a spectrum of programs that appeal to all audiences, especially children, young people and women for whom there is a critical shortage of programming. We use lively songs, animations, talk shows and engaging children’s formats.

Children’s Programs

Christian programming for children has a life-long impact. PAK7’s stories, songs, quizzes and cartoons are highly effective ways to communicate Christian truth to kids and an amazing opportunity to invest in the spiritual formation of the children of Pakistan!

Youth Programs

Youth Programs

A huge percentage of Pakistan’s population is under 25, and they’re looking for engaging, fast-paced content that is entertaining, inspiring and challenging. From Reality TV to drama and chat shows, PAK7 is making great programs for young adults.

Women’s Programs

PAK7 are making programs that inspire, educate and encourage women of all ages. We are empowering women with faith and confidence, and giving them a voice in the life of the church.

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Music for Kids & Youth

Many of PAK7’s programs feature original music from fantastic Pakistani artists. Sometimes they tell a story, sometimes they inspire kids to follow Jesus with their whole hearts. Find out about some of the great songs we’ve commissioned for kids and younger teens here.

Explore our other initiatives

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National TV

Like Video Star, a reality TV show that all people will watch and enjoy. Programs that build bridges between faith communities and show Christians and their faith in a positive light.


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Social Media

We produce a range of Social Media content designed to speak into different life situations and help people looking for answers.


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Capacity Building

We run media training and internships, as well as providing a range of services to help Christians better engage in the media.