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March 20, 2018
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July 20, 2018
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Sup­port PAK7 Per­son­nel

PAK7 requires lead­ers and work­ers to be able to launch in 2020. The Lord has called Andrew Hart to become our PAK7 Inter­na­tion­al CEO, Rev. Ken Lotze to be our VP for Part­ner Rela­tions with PAK7 US and Naina Mall to be our first pro­duc­er. In addi­tion, we will need hire a found­ing US CEO, part­ner rela­tions spe­cial­ists, pro­duc­ers, and spe­cial­ists in oper­a­tions, IT, finance and com­mu­ni­ca­tions.

We antic­i­pate most of our pro­duc­tion will be done in Pak­istan, and you will be sup­port­ing the Pak­istani church in its life and wit­ness for Christ. Our Pak­istani pro­duc­ers are able to serve for a frac­tion of the cost of a for­eign work­er. In this way you will not only be assist­ing them in their Chris­t­ian wit­ness, you will be assist­ing help­ing them in a prac­ti­cal way to earn a liv­ing.

If you would like to sup­port the PAK7 per­son­nel, please des­ig­nate “PAK7 — per­son­nel” on your tax-deductible con­tri­bu­tion.

You can make dona­tion online to sup­port PAK7 through World Wit­ness, the spon­sor­ing agency. Be sure to spec­i­fy that your gift is in sup­port of the PAK7 project. Thank you for your sup­port.

If you pre­fer, dona­tions may be made by send­ing a gift to:

If you pre­fer, dona­tions may be made by send­ing a gift to:

World Wit­ness
918 S. Pleas­ant­burg Dr. #218
Greenville, SC 29607

If you have any ques­tions please con­tact us direct­ly at
(864) 233‑5226 or use our con­tact form.

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