March 20, 2018

The Model We Are Following

At PAK7 we often speak of the "John 17" model.  Some may be wondering what does that mean, exactly.
December 19, 2017

PAK7 Shoots First Pilot!

In December 2017, PAK7 shot its first pilot program "Bedtime Story" in the SAT-7 studio in Lebanon. Following in the footsteps of SAT-7's  successful [...]
December 19, 2017

PAK7 Appoints CEO, Andrew Hart

The PAK7 Working Group has appointed Andrew Hart to become the founding Director of PAK7 International. Andrew is uniquely qualified to [...]
December 19, 2017

PAK7 USA Incorporates

PAK7 USA has incorporated in Maryland as a nonprofit corporation. We have formed our initial board of directors, including Rev. Dr. Curtis Young, senior pastor [...]