PAK7 Opens US Office

December 19, 2017 at 7:04 pm

Historic Easton Maryland

Ron Ensminger, founding Director of PAK7 USA hit the ground running when he joined the PAK7 team in September of 2017. He almost immediately opened the PAK7 USA office in Easton, Maryland and hired staff. Ron moved quickly to orchestrate various key startup tasks such as branding, incorporation, research, program funding, board formation and partner recruitment. Ron is an experienced media ministry entrepreneur and senior development executive, with a deep commitment to Jesus Christ. Ron started and ran SAT-7 USA some 20 years previously, and we are praising God that he has brought this faithful man to be the founding Director of PAK7 USA.

Thank you to each of you who have prayed with us that the Lord would bring in the right leaders. One senior executive in Christian media ministry told me “I have been in this work many years, but no one can touch Ron.” To God be the glory!

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