SAT-7 Network Conference: Broadcasting Hope in an Era of Hopelessness

April 8, 2014 at 6:45 pm
Jesus Pantocrator at the Chora Church, Istanbul

Jesus Pantocrator at the Chora Church, Istanbul

A record number of workers and supporters from 26 countries came together near Izmir, Turkey to celebrate the wonderful ways God is bringing hope to the Middle East and North Africa.

God is using SAT-7 in the Middle East in the way he used shortwave broadcasts to China after the revolution. Christians broadcast the gospel into China with very little evidence the programs were being received. Little did they imagine the vast harvest they were helping to produce.

SAT-7 founder and CEO Terry Ascot delivered a keynote address about why people in MENA (The Middle East and North Africa) lack hope, and how SAT-7 brings it. Reasons for the hopeless include failures of political uprisings, instability, leadership failures, lack of economic opportunity and lack of real democracy. He outlined the ways SAT-7 brings hope. Hope is given to isolated believers and seekers alike through honesty, encouraging stories and honest debate. Hope is given to women who are often marginalized. Above all hope is given through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Savior has revealed the glory of God, conquered evil and purchased our redemption through his death and resurrection. What could be a more powerful message of hope than the gospel? No trial or circumstances, no matter how bleak, can diminish the hope God has given us in Christ.

Turkish tentmaking pastor Zekai Tanyar, former chair of the Association of Protestant Churches in Turkey gave devotional messages, and spoke about Turkey’s rich Christian heritage. He went on to say:

“The world nowadays is so interconnected even the youth look over the walls to other places and lose hope. But God is happy to meet people where they are. As they zap and flick through channels and sites, He can and does whisper hope to the soul. If that is where people are, then that is where the Church must be too; not to amuse its in-house audience but as a channel for God’s love.”

Kuan Kim Seng, Dean of Saint Andrew’s Cathedral in Singapore, said:

“It is reasonable to see SAT-7 as being as significant as Christian shortwave radio broadcasts were to China fifty years ago. In fact, the impact of SAT-7 could well be even more considerable. It has a great platform with satellite TV and it has the potential to impact millions of people. God is doing a mighty work in SAT-7. Nearly ten million children regularly watch SAT-7’s programs and, in ten years’ time, those children will be adults, having heard through SAT-7 about Christ. Imagine what God can do in their lives.

It is reasonable to see SAT-7 as being as significant as Christian shortwave radio broadcasts were to China fifty years ago.

Participants learned that God is using SAT-7 to bring hope to some 15 million regular viewers in the region. Some mothers won’t let their children watch any other channel.

Melih Ekener, Executive Director of the new SAT-7 TURK reported they have recently received the green light to launch 24/7. They began ten years ago with little more than the dream, and he reported God enabled them to see this happen with one miracle after another.

Soli Deo Gloria

Dome, Chora Church, Istanbul

Dome, Chora Church, Istanbul

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