March 25, 2022

Annual Report 2021

This was an important year of growth for PAK7, as we were able to resume many activities after the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular we were able to run a second Media Training School for young Pakistani Christians.

Our strategy of investing heavily in a small number of young people through our Media School and internship program is really beginning to reap dividends. We are now seeing current and former students making high quality video productions that will delight viewers of all faiths.

In this report you can read about:

  • Community Makeover: where we work with a Christian hospital to renovate their Children’s ward and in the process, tell the story of how they are serving people of all faiths in their community. 
  • Little Detectives: Where our two young hosts learn about God’s first instruction to humankind: to care for his creation. In Little Detectives we help kids to explore the world and learn what they can do to look after it. 
  • We also made a number of other fun children’s programs.

As a result of this growing production capability, we are now capable of launching a television channel of our own, and plan to do so in April 2022. This will bring high quality Christian programming to children, young people and women, for whom there has traditionally been little content made.