We are a media initiative–indigenous, strategic, and innovative–that shares the good news of God’s love with the people of Pakistan.

We address the human, social, spiritual, emotional and even entertainment needs of both Christian and non-Christian audiences throughout Pakistan. And we encourage and equip the church, facilitating its witness to Jesus Christ


To see God glorified and enjoyed in Pakistan; his church built up in the knowledge of God, the appreciation of the gospel and the fullness of the Holy Spirit; and the people of Pakistan transformed by God’s love.


To serve Pakistani Christians in their witness to Jesus Christ and the gospel through exceptional television programming.

We are


All of our production staff and 75% of our International Board are from Pakistan.

We serve the church with media training and tell their stories through our programs.

Mother and daughter bonding

Pakistan is a difficult place to live, and that is especially true for its religious minorities, many of whom live in poverty with quite limited opportunities for social advancement. And yet, among Christians in particular, there are towering examples of courage and faithfulness.

The 3 million Christians who live there are sometimes persecuted and often discriminated against; they are often poor and lack education.

Although the church in Pakistan faces adversity, it is remarkably resilient. It meets freely and openly, and there is growing cooperation between church leaders of different denominations. Churches are well attended and these communities offer much support to one another, but there are few opportunities to bring witness to others.

Where We Focus

PAK7 is more than a TV channel! In addition to our 24 hour satellite channel, YouTube channels and streaming website, we are active in training, social media and making programs suitable for national TV. Find out more about our four areas of focus: National TV, Christian TV, Social Media and Capacity Building by clicking on the headings below.

Our Leadership


Naina Mall

Programming Manager,
PAK7 International

Gul Naushad

Gul Naushad

Training Manager

Jessica Javed

Jessica Javed

Social Media Manager

Accad Emmanuel
Aneer Kaffee

Aneer Kaffee


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Andrew Hart

Andrew Hart

PAK7 International