Ways You Can Help

July 20, 2018

Partner in Production

PAK7 is beginning to make original productions. Our first pilot was Bedtime Stories, a format successfully pioneered by SAT-7 in the Middle East. […]
July 20, 2018

Purchase Equipment

Television production requires equipment, such as cameras, lighting, sound systems, post production hardware and software and all sorts of studio equipment. […]
July 20, 2018

Support Personnel

PAK7 requires leaders and workers to help fulfil this vision. Could you be part of our team, or fund a local Pakistani to work for us? [...]

Imagine a church on fire: in love with her Savior, in love with one another and touching our hurting world with the love of Christ.

—Gordon Bell, PAK7 Catalyst



To see

God more fully glorified and enjoyed

his church built up in the knowledge of God,
the appreciation of the gospel and the fulness of the Holy Spirit

and Pakistan transformed by God's love


To serve

Pakistani Christians in their witness to Jesus Christ and the gospel through exceptional television programming

Who We Are


PAK7 is a media ministry by and for Pakistani Christians supported by Christians from around the world.

Andrew Hart

Founding CEO, PAK7 International

Naina Mall

Production, PAK7 International

Mark Hausfeld

President, PAK7 US

Curtis Young

Board Member, PAK7 US

Useful Information

What is PAK7?

PAK7 is a strategic and exciting new ministry that shares the good news of God’s love.

Why PAK7?

PAK7 is not just another media ministry.
It is a way of doing God's work in God's way.
As Jesus Himself prayed:
"...may [they] become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me" (John 17:22-23,ESV)

What's in a name?

Many people have asked what the name PAK7 means.
The word "pak" means "holy, pure, and clean" in Persian and Urdu.
Seven is both the number of territories in Pakistan and
the number of completion or perfection in the Bible.

Where is PAK7 located?

The growing PAK7 network is located in Pakistan, the U.K. and the U.S.

How does PAK7 use its finances?

None of the PAK7 International Council
or board members accept any monetary payment
for their work. Funds are used to support staff,
program production and operations. PAK7 is accredited
by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.
Any funds contributed to PAK7 US that are designated for
initiatives will be used for that initiative, including PAK7 US related
costs which are anticipated to be 20% or less.

When did PAK7 start?

PAK7 began with the PAK7 Consultation in Lahore in 2014
at which Pakistani church leaders prayerfully decided
the "John 17" model was the way they wished to work together.

Is PAK7 related to SAT-7?

PAK7 is a separate organization from SAT-7.
PAK7 serves the people of Pakistan while SAT-7
serves the Middle East and North Africa.
Even though PAK7 is a different organization, the young
startup ministry initially drew inspiration from the more established SAT-7 .

When will PAK7 begin airing programs?

PAK7 plans to air programs starting in 2020.

How can I be part of the PAK7 movement?

Individuals, denominations, churches and other organizations
can be part of PAK7 in a variety of ways. Please contact us
using the Contact Form below for more information.

How can I be a PAK7 Partner?

PAK7 gladly welcomes denominations, churches and other Christian organizations as well as individuals
who share our faith, values and ethos to become PAK7 Partners. Please contact us using the form below.