There are a num­ber of ques­tion to be con­sid­ered when we ask whether PAK7 is fea­si­ble: spir­i­tu­al, orga­ni­za­tion­al, tech­ni­cal, resource, plan­ning and demand questions.

Spiritual: Does the Lord want PAK7 at this time?

Pio­neer mis­sion­ary Christy Wil­son com­pared dis­cern­ing God’s will to land­ing a jet­lin­er. Pilots only bring the plane in when all the lights are aligned direct­ly ahead of them. Nicky Gum­bel sug­gests five CSs:

  • Com­mand­ing Scripture
  • Com­pelling Spirit
  • Com­mon Sense
  • Coun­sel of the Saints
  • Cir­cum­stan­tial signs

The idea of PAK7 clear­ly con­forms to scrip­ture; its very pur­pose is the advance­ment of God’s king­dom using media min­istry. A num­ber of lead­ers such as Tat Stew­art and Curt Young have sensed the Spirit’s nudg­ing. Com­mon sense sug­gests that a media min­istry that has been very effec­tive in oth­er “hard places” through­out the Mid­dle East could also be effec­tive in Pak­istan. These same saints and oth­ers have sug­gest­ed this might well be a “game changer.”

What is still lack­ing are the cir­cum­stan­tial signs. So this is our prayer: “Lord, if you would like your peo­ple to start PAK7, would you kind­ly con­firm the vision by bring­ing togeth­er the peo­ple, orga­ni­za­tions and resources need­ed to make it happen?”

Organizational: Are there willing and able agencies who wish to partner to make it happen?

The World Wit­ness Board has approved the on-going fea­si­bil­i­ty study of PAK7. What oth­er boards, church­es and agen­cies want to make this happen?

Technical: Are there  secure, robust, scaleable, flexible Content Delivery Network options suitable for the “TV Everywhere” channels of the very near future?

The Ama­zon Web Ser­vices (AWS) plat­form clear­ly offers what is need­ed for a glob­al Con­tent Deliv­ery Net­work. Prov­i­den­tial­ly, this largest of all cloud plat­forms is prac­ti­cal­ly giv­ing away its ser­vice as the large play­ers are all com­pet­ing for mar­ket share in what will be the inter­net of the near future. It allows orga­ni­za­tions and com­pa­nies to pur­chase the IT ser­vices they need with­out hav­ing to invest in hard­ware and soft­ware that will soon be obso­lete. Pak­istan clear­ly has an exten­sive cable TV deliv­ery net­work which reach­es the major­i­ty of the pop­u­la­tion, includ­ing the Chris­t­ian community.

Personnel: Are there willing and able leaders and team members both in and Pakistan and outside of Pakistan?
Resources: Do we have a reasonable expectation of obtaining the necessary resources to start and sustain PAK7?

Our belief is, as J. Hud­son Tay­lor famous­ly said, “God’s work done in God’s way will nev­er lack God’s supply.”

Vision and Plan: Is there biblical, practical plan?

Present­ly we have devel­oped a bib­li­cal vision and mis­sion state­ments based on the proven SAT‑7 statements.

Audience Demand: Is there a demand for the kind of programming we wish to offer among the target audience?

We must be sure that our pri­ma­ry tar­get audi­ence, younger Chris­tians in Pak­istan want the kind of qual­i­ty, fam­i­ly-friend­ly pro­gram­ming that PAK7 intends to deliv­er. Qual­i­ta­tive research such as in-depth inter­views and sur­veys will help us deter­mine the specifics of audi­ence demand.